Healthcare Technology Modelling

The catalytic mix of fundamental science, hi-tech precision engineering, the ability to capture and store huge amounts of data and high performance computing is the signature of 21st century healthcare technology. The IMI supports research on the development of algorithms that enhance the functionality of mainstream imaging technologies such as MRI and X-Ray as well as more modern technologies such as Positron Emission Tomography and Proton beam therapy.

Collaboration with a wide body of experts, including medical practitioners, physicists, engineers, mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists, presents the opportunity to stimulate new analysis of the underlying data and images that these technologies generate based on modern, bespoke mathematical methodology. In turn, this feeds back to a higher quality of medical intervention, whether that be diagnostic or treatment. This remarkable mix of expertise brings forward impact from mathematical methodology such as Monte-Carlo simulation, data assimilation, inverse problems, machine learning and optimisation. The IMI is engaged in enabling these research relationships as well as the impact that they generate.

Below are some of the projects that IMI Fellows are involved in.