Research Excellence

The IMI adds value to mathematical research, creating interdisciplinary connections through the power of modelling via a number of different mechanisms, including:

We support mathematical innovation across a number of themes and major projects, including:

Knowledge Exchange, Industry and Impact

Knowledge exchange is a means to share information and expertise within academic circles and with outside partners (including industry, charities, business and policy makers), leading to mutual research and impact benefit. The IMI works closely with the Knowledge Transfer Network.

The IMI was a key member in the foundation of the Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences which is heavily engaged in addressing the problems brought by the COVID-19 pandemic among other topical research areas.

IMI is involved in the European Maths in Industry Network MI-NET and supports industrial mathematics collaborations across the world through the network of international study groups. The institute has a strong and growing portfolio of industrial partners; find out how to partner with us on our Industry Engagement pages

University of Bath Interdisciplinary Research Network

The IMI is a member of the University of Bath Interdisciplinary Resaerch Network. We work with colleagues from different institutes and research centres across campus to develop interdisciplinary research outputs, and strengthen the quality and delivery of research at the Univeristy of Bath.




National Networks

IMI has strong links with many centres of research excellence. In the UK, among many academic partners, we work with:

International Networks

See our Internationalisation webpages for further details of the centres of excellence with whom we collaborate.