IMI welcomes the new cohort of Academic and Industrial Fellows


The IMI Fellowship Scheme encourages collaborative, multi-disciplinary research both with academics and industrial partners on projects that use innovative maths to develop impactful research.

Our newly appointed cohort of Fellows will work on a diverse range of projects. For example Nicola Bailey will work with Ben Metcalfe and Matthew Nunes, developing innovative metholodogies to improve hand prosthesis dexterity; while Alessio Pagani (nChain) will collaborate with Andrea Pizzoferato to build software, which will integrate blockchain technologies into a variety of sectors and find blockchain-based solutions to current issues eg security and decentralisation.

Here are details of our new Fellows.

Academic Fellows

Dr Nicola Bailey, Mechanical Engineering

Dr Evangelos Evangelou, Mathematical Sciences

Prof Richie Gill, Mechanical Engineering

Dr Andrew Hillis, Mechanical Engineering

Dr Evros Loukaides, Mechanical Engineering

Dr Ben Metcalfe, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Dr Prasad Nishtala, Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Dr Matt Nunes, Mathematical Sciences

Dr Mark Opmeer, Mathematical Sciences

Dr Sandipan Roy, Mathematical Sciences

Dr Özgür Şimşek, Computer Sciences

Industrial Fellows

Prof Raj Sengupta, RUH

Dr Alessio Pagani, nChain

Dr Keith Briggs, BT

For further details of all IMI Fellows click here 

Applications for the next round of appointments will be in January 2022, further details to follow.