IMI involved with £80M national AI initiative

The AI for Collective Intelligence hub (AI4CI) is a £12M, five-year collaboration between the University of Bath and six other institutions.

Published on Tuesday 6 February 2024

Developing next-generation artificial intelligence to tackle complex global problems is the theme of a major new project launching nationwide today, with experts from the University of Bath playing a key role.

Bath will be involved in a hub exploring real-world data: the AI for Collective Intelligence (AI4CI) hub, in a collaboration between the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Glasgow, and Ulster and University College London (UCL).  The project aims to transform the way AI is both developed and used, including preparing for the next pandemic, tackling climate misinformation, easing the flow of traffic in smart cities and delivering healthcare that is tailored to the individual patient.

The Bath component of the project is being led by Dr Theresa Smith in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Professor Laura Smith in the Department of PsychologyDr Cangxiong Chen from the Institute for Mathematical Innovation will be the early career researcher lead. The Institute for Digital Security and Behaviour is also involved.

Dr Chen said: “The issue of data privacy is paramount in this project. To maximise the capability of collective intelligence, we’ll need to build AI that has seen vast amounts of data across a variety of real-world scenarios, and this will include sensitive data, such as information about the provider and the data they provide….I will be leading research on developing privacy-preserving methods to hide this data that could potentially be uncovered during the training of AI models.”

The full news story and details of Bath’s involvement can be viewed here.