IMI Fellow Kit Yates joins Independent SAGE


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, IMI Fellow Kit Yates from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Bath has become a vocal proponent of the use of mathematical modelling to inform policy in the media.

He is a leading communicator in this arena engaging with many major national and international public media including Sky News, BBC R4, BBC World, BBC News, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Guardian, Wired, Daily Express, Radio 5 Live, Talk Radio, LBC and BBC Panorama. Two of his recent appearances (BBC News and SKY News) can be seen below.



He has worked with the public engagement unit at the university to produce outreach films on the subject and is in constant communication with the press office who regularly make use Kit’s media presence. Kit has also presented on the basics of mathematical epidemiology to two of our learned bodies – the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications and the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences. Kit helped to pioneer a series of lectures on the basics of Mathematical modelling of epidemics, which have been used by the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) in order to inform their members. During the summer Kit presented directly to the JBC and led discussions around their public communications policy.

The scale of Kit’s public engagement around COVID was recently recognised by his appointment to Independent SAGE. In alternate weeks Kit presents the numbers behind that week’s COVID-related developments live to an audience of many thousands at the Independent SAGE briefings. His appointment has also led to a number of COVID related publications, perhaps most notably in the Lancet.