Environmental Risk Post COVID-19 Virtual Study Group


In collaboration with RAMP and V-KEMS, the IMI is running a Virtual Study Group (VSG) on 29th June-1st July. This study group will focus on environmental problems, looking both at the impact of COVID-19, issues of environmental recovery post COVID-19, and also the detection of COVID-19 in the environment. As in previous VSGs the format will be one of presentations, followed by intensive brainstorming sessions in self-selected teams.


Problems will be presented by:


Joshua  Ryan-Saha (Travel Tech for Scotland): How to shift from carbon-intensive flights to other transport routes for tourists

Luke Danon (Bristol/HSA) :  Waste water testing for infectious diseases

Luke Maggs (Natural Resources Wales):  Wildfire risk management. For further information click here

Richard Fairchild (School of Management, Bath): Game theoretic approaches to environmental risk. How can we use Mathematical modelling to analyse the incentives for international governments to form strong and meaningful International Environmental Agreements (IEAs), and actually adhere to them over time? For further information click here


All are welcome to attend this free event. Please register here if you would like to attend

Our thanks are extended to RAMP for funding the VSG.