Prof. Richie Gill

Richie Gill is a Professor of Healthcare Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Bath. He is Co-Vice Chair of the Centre for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) and theme lead for Medical Devices and Imaging. He has over 30 years of experience in academia with particular expertise in biomechanics, musculoskeletal mechanics and orthopaedic devices. He has published more than 230 papers , holds 2 patents and has served as President of the British Orthopaedic Research Society (2017-2020), as well as vice-President of the European Orthopaedic Research Society (2015-2017). As part of his fellowship for the IMI Richie will be working to create methods to predict risk of osteoarthritis from medical imaging data, this will be with Tony Shardlow and Adwaye Rambojun using advanced shape analysis.

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