Theme Lead - Capacity Building
Professor Jane White


One important component in our collective endeavour towards a sustainable and healthy future is to build scientific capacity in the Global South, which can then be exploited to help solve global challenges such as infection control and climate change, locally. Mathematical and statistical modelling has already been identified as a valuable tool to support policy development and implementation across a number of countries in sub-Saharan Africa. To support this ambition, there is keen interest in developing the skills of applied mathematicians to become effective and confident mathematical modellers, adept across a range of mathematical, statistical and data science skills.

Theme aims

The aim of this theme is to contribute to improvements in the quality, scope and impact of mathematical modelling activity in the Global South. This will be realised by delivering:

  • Training courses in applied mathematical, statistical and data science techniques delivered on the African sub-continent;
  • Mentoring collaborations;
  • A visiting academic programme to the IMI for mathematicians from sub-Saharan Africa to learn particular mathematical, statistical and/or data science techniques.

In the first instance, the work will focus on developing relationships with universities in Malawi, South Africa and Uganda where existing links or collaborations have been established.

Researchers and collaborators