Keith Briggs

Keith Briggs is an applied mathematician working on graph theory and stochastic processes for network applications, distributed algorithms, wireless systems, and scientific computing. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and a visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford.  He has published over 100 papers and has an h-index of 19.  He has served as guest editor for the Proceedings of the Royal Society. His publications cover fields such as complex systems science, network topology optimization, dynamic management of radio spectrum, and, most recently, performance modelling of dense femtocell systems and of  MIMO radio systems.  He has been a member of the Quasar and QoSMOS projects, the SPEED-5G project, the SaT5G project, and currently the AIMM project.  For the IMI Industrial fellowship Keith will be working on power spectrum estimation for irregularly sampled time-series data He also researches the language and history of medieval Suffolk.