Dr Neill Campbell

Dr Campbell is a member of the Department of Computer Science and also a Royal Society Industry Fellow. Neill works in the domains of Computer Vision, Graphics and Machine Learning. His main are of research involves learning models of shape (2D and 3D), appearance and dynamics from images and video; in particular, performing these activities in an automatic or interactive fashion that allows these technologies to be put to use in a variety of applications without requiring users to have technical computer science expertise. He is also interested in machine learning problems where data are scarce or expensive to obtain (e.g. annotations from expert clinicians) and when uncertainty in the resulting output is important (e.g. medical applications). This has led to work on unsupervised (or semi-supervised) learning with Bayesian non-parametric models, in particular Gaussian processes. As part of his fellowship in the IMI, Neill will be focusing on developing new interactive machine learning processes for medical images, in particular working with Tony Shardlow and Will Tillett on the analysis of planar x-rays for Psoriatic Arthritis.

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