Mathematical Innovation Research Associate
Dr Fillipe Georgiou

Fillipe is an applied mathematician with a wide-ranging scope of research interests encompassing collective behaviour, climate science, risk analysis, machine learning, and statistics. His enthusiasm lies in devising innovative solutions for complex challenges.

Prior to joining the IMI, Fillipe worked on a diverse array of projects. Serving as an embedded systems designer, he developed wireless telemetry units for horses to enable real-time health and fitness monitoring. Then, during his PhD, Fillipe delved into the impact of food distribution on locust group dynamics, uncovering insights into the interplay between food availability and group formation. Subsequently, his post-doctoral contributions with the Climate Risk Group involved assessing the global repercussions of climate change on physical assets.

Fillipe holds dual honours in Computer Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Wollongong, as well as a PhD from the University of Newcastle, both situated in Australia.

Beyond academia, Fillipe finds enjoyment in rock climbing, chess, and exploration.