Theme Lead - Environmental Extremes
Dr Christian Rohrbeck


Environmental extremes and climate change stand as both formidable research challenges and intriguing phenomena that affect all of us. Hardly any day passes without news on climate change, droughts, flooding, heat waves, etc., and their devastating impacts. While considerable investments have been made to model these events and their impacts, as well as to develop adaptation, mitigation strategies and policies, there are still various research questions which need addressing to understand environmental extremes and climate risk. Answering these questions requires interdisciplinary approaches involving the use of cutting-edge mathematical and statistical methodology.

Theme Aims

This theme aims to provide an environment for researchers from all departments of the University of Bath to develop high-impact, interdisciplinary, mathematically/statistically grounded projects and grant applications on any aspect related to environmental extremes and/or climate change, including:

  • Assessing the impact of environmental extreme events and climate change on society and/or industry
  • Development of adaptation, mitigation, and sustainability strategies
  • Modelling climate risks, including the frequency and severity of environmental extreme events
  • Policy planning

Projects will apply or develop advanced mathematical and statistical methodology to tackle the current climate crisis and to support society in developing adaptation, mitigation, and sustainability strategies.

Recent updates / Upcoming events

Inaugural Workshop on 24th and 25th of June 2024 

Researchers and collaborators