Dr Benjamin Metcalfe

Dr Metcalfe is a lecturer in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and a member of the Centre for Biosensors, Bioelectronics and Biodevices. He works in the area of biomedical engineering where his main area of research involves neural interfaces (with both the peripheral and central nervous system). He is particularly interested in the development of neural prostheses, such as artificial limbs, that integrate directly with the nervous system. His work has been funded by both the EPSRC and the National Institute for Health Research, and he holds a number of non-executive posts in the charity sector. As part of his fellowship for the IMI Ben will be working to develop novel upper-limb prostheses using robust and computationally efficient learning control methodologies that are able to adapt to daily variability in individual users. In particular working with Nicky Bailey and Matt Nunes to develop a novel prosthetic hand with high degrees of freedom.

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