Mathematical Innovation Research Associates
Dr. Beate Ehrhardt

Beate is an applied mathematician and data analysis expert whose research interests include machine learning, hypothesis testing, Bayesian statistics, and optimal experimental design.

Before joining the IMI, Beate worked as a Senior Research Statistician on pre-clinical data at the global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. As part of the Discovery Sciences team, she designed and analysed experiments across the pre-clinical pipeline, including, but not limited to, high-content imaging of lap-on-chip, mass spectrometry data, high throughput sequencing, and neurobehavioural screens for safety purposes. Beate holds a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from UCL (University College London) and an MSc in Mathematics from University of Bremen, Germany.

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On-going projects:

Made Smarter Innovation – People-Led Digitalisation

Psychosocial mechanisms of chronic pain

DETI – EC3 – Automated Data Curation