Dr. Alice Davis

Alice is a Data Scientist and holds a PhD in Statistics and time-to-event modelling from the University of Bath. After completing her PhD, she worked on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Bath and Mayden, an SME with a 20-year history of supporting NHS service with innovative cloud based technology. This partnership aimed to predict whether IAPT patients would engage with and attend their therapy appointments and has since been ranked Outstanding by KTN. She then joined Mayden as their Product Owner for Research, where she manages Mayden’s research portfolio. Alice’s research focuses on data science techniques for dynamic outcome prediction, process improvement and inequality detection.

As part of her IMI industrial fellowship, Alice and other IMI fellows will investigate the development of innovative statistical and machine learning tools that improve treatment outcomes by suggesting the most appropriate treatment package for each patient, reducing the chances of a person disengaging and increasing their chances of recovery.