Alessio Pagani

Alessio was born as a computer engineer and holds a PhD in Information Technology from Politecnico di Milano. During his graduate years, he also developed the business aspect of his research interests, cofounding one of the first Italian startups involved in the design of blockchain solutions. Following a postdoc at the Alan Turing Institute, Alessio joined nChain as a researcher. His scientific activity focuses on the emerging dynamics of the Bitcoin network and on industrial applications of blockchain technologies, including IoT, data-management, and micropayments.

As part of his IMI industrial fellowship, Alessio and other IMI fellows will study the mathematical and theoretical aspect of blockchain technology using tools from statistical mechanics and graph signal processing. From a theoretical standpoint, they will define and formalise all the blockchain aspects (nodes, proof of work, consensus, etc) to help understanding some current major issues such as, security, decentralisation, scalability, and incentive models.