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Dr Adwaye Rambojun awarded Postdoctoral Impact Acceleration Award

By June 3, 2024June 14th, 2024News1 min read

Dr Adwaye Rambojun, IMI Mathematical Innovation Research Associate, received Postdoctoral Impact Acceleration Award in the latest round of the Impact Acceleration Account call. The aim of such awards is to stimulate pathways to impact through collaborative research and development projects.

Adwaye will use this award to develop a software tool that relies on machine learning to facilitate damage detection in Psoriatic Arthritis hand X-rays. This is a continuation of his PhD Project and his on-going research investigating the use of machine learning and computer vision methods for automatic assessment of PsA damage in hand x-rays.

The project will be done in collaboration with Dr William Tillett, Dr Neill Campbell and Dr Tony Shardlow, who are also part of the team.