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Knowledge graphs enable for the first time automated test generation for an entire mechatronic system

By June 1, 2024June 14th, 2024News2 min read

MIRF Beate Ehrhardt and Marco Franke (lead author) from the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistic publish a paper together on “The Faceted and Exploratory Search for Test Knowledge”.

Heterogeneous test processes concerning test goals and test script languages are an integral part of mechatronic systems development in supply chains. Here, test cases are written in a multitude of different test script languages. The translation between test script languages is possible, a joint understanding and a holistic view of the mechatronic system as a system under test is only achieved in the minds of experienced test engineers. This joined-up information is called test knowledge and is the key input for test automation and in turn, it is essential for reducing the cost of product development. Persisted test knowledge enables the search for patterns semi-automatically without reading countless test cases and enables the auto-completion of essential parts of test cases.

In this paper, we developed a knowledge graph that aggregates all the test knowledge automatically and integrates it into the test processes. We derived an explorative search that simplifies the test case creation. For that purpose, a corresponding user-friendly query language, and unidirectional translation capabilities were developed that translates a test case into a graph tailored to the target audience of test engineers. We demonstrated the usage and impact of this approach by evaluating it on test cases from aircraft cabin doors.

For full article see link.

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