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The Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences (V-KEMS) and the Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI) invite you to attend a three day online Virtual Study group (VSG), 20-22 November 2023, on the general theme of the interaction between mathematics/AI and the justice system.

The plan for this meeting will be to use mathematical, statistical, and machine learning tools to examine issues related to the justice system and to establish/strengthen links between the mathematics and the justice communities. The online attendees will be a mixture of mathematicians (broadly interpreted) and members of the justice system. This will follow a format which was very successful in delivering answers to mathematically based problems related to COVID-19. On the morning of the first day, experts will introduce the main themes and three problem areas:


  1. Modelling throughput through the justice system
  2. Statistical study of possible bias in jury selection/sentencing (data gaps)
  3. The role of AI in the justice system; opportunities, dangers and ethics

Working groups will then be free to develop the themes as they wish. Each theme will have a dedicated facilitator. There will then be a formation of brainstorming teams who will work on the challenges along with a facilitator using appropriate software tools and data. The brainstorming teams give short reports at the end of the first two days, and a longer report on the third day. This will be followed by a written report shortly after the VSG. We expect to run a one-day follow up meeting in the Spring of 2024.


Day One – 20 November
10.00   Introduction
10.15    Presentation of the three main themes together with questions
11.45    Break
12.00   Description of software tools/methodology. Formation of the working Groups
12.30   Lunch
13.30   Working group sessions
16.00   Review of results

Day Two – 21 November
10.00   Reviews from the working groups
10.30   Working groups
16.00   Review of results

Day Three – 22 November
10.00   Reviews
10.30   Working groups
16.00   Review of results


Registration is free. Please submit your details here.

Organising committee

This workshop is  generously funded by the KE-Hub and by the ICMS (under the Maths for Humanity scheme).

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