Institute for Mathematical Innovation

University of Bath

IMI Bath

We live in the “era of mathematics”, where data, modelling, algorithms and artificial intelligence have become deeply rooted in all aspects of modern society. The Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI) is leading the delivery of multi-disciplinary and mathematically grounded research contextualised by real-world, societal and industrial challenges.


The IMI is building partnerships across the academic, international and industrial spectrum, adding value to cutting edge research and its application through mathematical modelling and data analytics.

IMI’s Fellows programme for Bath academics helps them realise their research vision and support longevity of their ideas.


Industry Engagement

We want to develop long-lasting and strategic partnerships with industry and non-academic institutions that result in maximal impact and knowledge exchange through mathematical modelling. Health, manufacturing, environment and engineering are just a few of the areas that we work in.

If you represent a company that would like to explore the advantage of mathematical modelling in your business, read more about how you can get involved with the IMI.